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vers la droite la jument sort le nez vers l'exterieur du cercle, indiquant des tensions a gauche. 

mare tends to the right tends to have her nose to the outside of the circle, indicating tensions on her left side.

vers la gauche quand la jument a voulu placer son encolure vers l'interieur du cercle, elle a brasser sa tete, indiquant des tensions a gauche.

The mare to the left side when she tried to place her neck suddenly shook her neck, to the inside of the circle indicating that she has tensions on her left side.

Après un traitement du dos et de l'encolure de environ 1h20 minutes, l'enflure du dos est régler et l'encolure est détendu. La jument ne sort presque plus le nez vers l'exterieur des cercles. La jument sera a revoir au besoins,


After a treatment of the back and the neck of about 1h20 minutes the swelling over the back is almost gone and the neck is relaxed and loose. The mare almost never tilts her nose to the outside of the circles anymore. The mare will be seen only when needed from now on.

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